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Pollution in many ways

Are you sometimes annoyed by the noise in your area or in the city? Do you at times have the feeling that the air you breathe is not very healthy? Do you see rubbish lieing around in nature? All these are signs of pollution. Emissions can be widely different and all of them have an impact on nature and our well being. Our goal is to reduce emissions as much as possible. May it be noise pollution or pollution from any form of exhausts.
We are aware that there is a lot of work ahead of us. Convincing the population about the practicability and reliability about new technologies is always a challenge. But we trust the sense of innovation in the tanzanian people as well as their sense of the need of preserving their beautiful country.







Our Mission


Tanzania, blessed from God with sunlight in abundance shall become the leading country for sustainable energy in Africa.

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We strive to supply affordable appliances for independent and sustainable energy production for every household in Tanzania

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Only when you are experiencing an outage you realize the value of smooth power supply. Very rarely one asks himself how electricity is produced, transported and delivered. An outage is nothing less that a major flaw in the supply chain of this so important service/commodity. With our appliances on offer you cut off the entire supply chain and produce your own piece of LIFE QUALITY

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What is your motivation behind CLOE??

Being homeowners and tennants ourselves we experienced the struggles with power outages ourselves. That was the initial kickstart behind it. But how to produce your own electricity without building a power plant or a dam? Solar or Wind are available to anyone - FOR FREE! So why not taking advantage?

Why now and why Tanzania??

Gokito CO Ltd has been incorporated back in 2019. It would be a lie to claim that everything since then has always been smooth sailing. But if we look at the world today we will realize that the struggles are not getting less. Hunger crisis, global warming, war, deseases ... has there ever been a better moment to start? And Tanzania with it's amazing beauty, location, wonderful people - which country can serve better as a role model for african energy independence?

How lasting do you see this venture??

Looking at the world in general there is no doubt about the potential in eco friendly solutions. Authoritarian rulers hold us hostage on oil and gas, Global warming destroys large portions of harvest all over, first world countries ban the sales of fuel powered vehicles by 2035. But nobody talks about Africa. They won't help us. So we help ourselves.

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