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Everyone at GOKITO is comitted to deliver esceptional service.

What exactly are you doing??

We offer Solar and Power Backup solutions for your home, we show you options to decrease your carbon footprint in mobility and we offer portable power backups such as solar powered powerbanks of latest technology.

What is driving you to this type of operation??

Gokito is a Service Provider and a technology company. As such we want to help Tanzania to become the leading country in Africa for sustainable and eco friendly power consumption and low emissions mobility. We believe in the power of Tanzania and it's people.

Where do you operate?

In general we are committed to the entirety of Tanzanian People, whereas we are strong in the coastal region and building partnerships upcountry as well. Regardless we will do whatever we can to cover your needs all over Tanzania. And especially the islands are at our focus as tourism produces a lot of consumption, pollution and waste.

Works About

Use cases of Solar 5,000+
Countless Fields of Service

Solar Energy can be used in countless situations. Maybe you have a house in remote areas, maybe you just want to carry a independent Powerbank, maybe you are running a Bajaj Company ... Solar can be a solution for so many situations - Contact us and find out how Solar Energy can change your business, your life or make it more convinient

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Contact us and let us know your requirements. We will evaluate if and how we can help you with your query. Once we approve doability we will develop an action plan according to your needs and your demands.

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Of yourse we are no Internet Company. We are humans from flesh and blood. As such we do have physical office and you are invited to meet us in person anytime. Karibu. We are happy to make your aquaintance.

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You are as unique as your needs. With this in mind all our services and solutions are tailor made for specific clients requirements.

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We can't wait to serve you. Every new task is a new challenge. Let us know and challenge us.

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24/7 Customer support

Whenever you feel the need of counseling or have a request. Don't hesitate to call us any time and leave a message. We will get back to at soonest convinient within 24 hours.

Helpline +255 767 35 37 06

Smart solutions

A solution can only be as smart as the user or it's creator. Whatever your request may be - you are in safe hands. Our determination to reduce emissions shall serve your convinience.

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Meet Our Leadership

Jimmy C. Twalipo

CEO, Co-Founder

Ali Mohamed Amirali

Chief Strategy Officer

Thorsten G. Weber

CFO, CO-Founder

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