State of the art technology

Years of research and development are leading us to technologally advanced Bajaji

saving fuel cost

Never again you have to see a Gas-Station - You Save Money

Global Knowledge

We bring you the latest in technology by using our global Network

Local Benefit

We use our market presence to improve lives locally

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Decades of experience in Customer Service

We help you grow bigger

We all are working for money. Money we use to pay rent, food, school fees for our kids. With money we can buy us personal freedom. With us you will be growing in your life.

How can I participate and profit?

Our system is not very different than any other Bajaji system. You will sign a Contract Driver Agreement for 24 months (2 Years) and after this contract expires you will become the owner of the vehicle.

What are the running costs of this new technology?

Daily rent is TSH 25'000,-- THAT'S IT. You have no fuel cost. You have no cost for Oil. Wheels, tires, spare parts and regular services are ALL INCLUDED. So you can concentrate on excellent customer satisfaction.

What about recharging the battery?

Every battery has to be recharged of course. This can happen in different ways. But the most important thing here is - WE HAVE YOUR BACK. Every vehicle has a main battery which supplies the engine, PLUS a second one in spare on board should you run low on energy - we will charge empty batteries FOR FREE through our ECO FRIENDLY and SUSTAINABLE on site SOLAR CHARGING STATION.

What about other ways of charging? For example public charging places??

In Phase one from start there are no public charging places. Our services and infrastructure are EXCLUSIVELY for our partners. Of course we have plans in place to change also for public service stations, but as there is too little electric mobility in Dar Es Salaam such infrastructure would simply be too expensive.

Why should I join this new project? What's in it for me??

We have two goals. Goal 1 is ecological. The more traditional Bajaji we can convert to electric the more we protect beautiful Tanzanian environment. Goal 2 is the development of our partners. We will offer a variety of benefits for our riders which meet certain standards. You can participate in a daily food programme, have the chance for free health insurance, regular gatherings and functions for recreational purposes ... Join us and allow us to surprise and impress you.

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Outstanding Care For Our Team, The Vehicles And Everyone Associated!


24/7 Support For Our Team

Whereever you are, whatever you need - Our Backoffice Team is there for you. We guarantee your mobility and do our best to support you even if you are not on the road or off duty. You need a bank account? We will assist. You need some time off? Let's talk about it.

Helpline +255 747 56 66 65

Modular Benefits

We care for our TEAM. We want to remain family together even though you might have already obtained your personal, own Bajaji after your contract ran out. Learn how we can help you grow and stay safe as long as you are a TEAM MEMBER.

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What makes us different?

Health Insurance Programme

We are aware that driving a Bajaji always bears potential risks to your health. Therefore we offer our riders the possibility to qualify for a free health insurance through our company. These insurances can range from a basic insurance which the rider will pay himself at a reduced company fee and can reach up to a fully paid package for the entire family, paid by CL-O-E

  • Basic health care solutions
  • Free Company health care programme
  • Full family health insurance
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Administrative Assistance

As a rider you are an entrepreneur, a business owner. Our experienced Team will help you to fullfill your potential. Whether you will use our Company Owned App Solution to attrack clients or you wish to register with another Service Provider - rest assured you have our full support. You want/need banking solutions? Our company banking desk will guide you through to your preferred solution. We even help you with the book keeping and your tax requirements.

  • App Based Booking System
  • Banking Solutions
  • Book keeping and Tax assistance
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Fresh Nutrition

When riding your Bajaji you are busy all day, which means you focus on your business. It's easy to forget to treat your body well. We offer daily meals at our Base that will at least contain of meat, some side dish, salad and some fresh juice or water. Only a healthy person is able to provide excellent service, and thats only one reason why we care for your health and well being.

  • Daily Meal offer on workdays
  • Alcohol free drinks without artificial sugar
  • Doggy Bag for taking home
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Team Masaki

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