• Kinondoni, Dar Es Salaam, TZ
  • karibu@gokito.co.tz
  • Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Why do we need support?

From day one Gokito has been financed by it's founders. Every Shilling/Penny invested resulted from our own day to day work. Apart from working regular Jobs either 9 to 5 or on different shifts, we have been and still are determined to build a special company that not only serves our target group and the public in general.

Our focus has always been that we create an entity that is not focused on being solely profitable, but also making a positive impact the lives of the people we are working with and for.

  • Founding Date
    12 May, 2019
  • Phase one Target Group
    approx. 25'000 drivers
  • Category
    Three Wheelers/Bajaji
  • Address
    25 Ikungi Street, Kindondoni, DSM, Tansania

Our Company in brief

It is important to point out, that GOKITO RESOURCES CO LTD is involved in a variety of business fields. May it be consulting services, sourcing of commodities or even effective man management, travel and visa services, we have the knowledge and flexibility.

CL-O-E is a registered TRADEMARK owned by GOKITO which expresses our determination to make a notable impact for Tanzanians. Our products and Services not only reduce cost for our clients by 30 – 70 %, but also increase our clients income by up to 100 – 150 %. This does not only mean a massive improvment in the quality of live of our clients, but also a big step in building Tanzania better for the future.

GOKITO RESOURCES as a company and CL-O-E as its registered Trademark is not only debt-free, but also has a slim, flat and flexible structure that allows us to act swiftly whenever needed. As we are now entering a phase in our venture, in which we need to focus on the technical devolopment of our solutions, we welcome interested strategic partners or potential investors in joining us on a journey which will not only be life changing for our clients, partners and staff, but also for every external partner involved in our development. We are aware that in todays economical climate shareholder value is of utmost importance whereas we would like to emphazise also the importance of personal development of every single individual involved. Our margins are favorable, target profits are well balanced, running cost low and still we will be well positioned as an investment vehicle with the focus on IPO by Q1 2028.

As a privately owned entity we have wealth of options of collaboration for interested participants, given the mutual respect on our strategic core values that made this project lift off an thrive in future. Don’t hestiate to contact us for further information via the Contact Section.