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Which advantages do I have by using a solar solution??

A solar system requires - as the name says - the sun as a source. Apart from that these systems are completely isolated from public supply. So these systems are reliable source of energy with no outages as long as sun is available and not prone to outages. Additionally the produced energy is eco-friendly,

What happens if there is no sun during rainy season?

Depending on the type of installation the system will comprise a backup solution based on batteries. Depending how this backup is calculated clients can go without any sun for two days or more.

How durable is a solar power unit??

Solar power systems are constructed for longevity. Despite continuous technological development such a system can serve for 20 years or more. Our solar systems are coming with a full service guarantee and a two year warranty. For portable systems we even give a two week satisfactory guarantee.

How much power can such a solar system produce??

We differ by use cases. Portable solar systems like our ........ are only designed for basic needs and will supply bulps and charge mobile devices. Best used when you are in rural areas or for camping an party. Solar home systems will supply full power range of 230V which you need to operate AC's, TV's, fridges, freezers and the like

If I move to a new home, can I move the solar system??

Yes. The systems can be disassambled and reassambled at a new location if needed. A relocation service with us will be free of charge for clients which purchased with us. For products from other suppliers we offer the same service will come at a cost. In any case contact us for an offer.

How much does such a system cost??

Prices for solar systems vary widely. A portable system such as a solar powerbank can come at around USD 50,-- and a stationary system on your roof can go up to USD 5'000,--. In general it is nessecary that before any purchase decision we will evaluate together with you the right and required output system for your specific needs.

Can I recoup the investment and how??

Depending on which system you opt for and of the scale of the system it is very much possible that you might produce more electricity than you actually use. This excess energy will be stored in some battery-packs as a backup. Once the backup is fully charged and you are not using the full system power this excess can be sold to TANESCO. We will gladly inform you in a personal meeting.

What if I am not satisfied??

For our portable systems we offer a two week satisfaction guarantee. For home systems and/or vehicles we have a two year warranty. For both cases terms and conditions apply. Contact us and we will explain in detail, or we send you terms and conditions by mail.

Do you have a refund or warranty policy??

Yes of course. Your satisfaction is our biggest capital. We invite you to our offices or a personal meeting and inform you about every question you might have.

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