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Basic Supply

Do you know this scenario?

You are sitting at home on your patio, enjoying a beautiful evening with a drink and texting/calling your friends with your Mobile phone on charge as your battery is low after a long day. Out of nothing power goes away, you sit in the dark and your Mobile phone is on only 5% charge. Nobody knows when power is coming back. Your phone will die any time soon. Your friends wait for your reply and you are fearing to oversleep in the morning, as your alarm won’t work without your phone charged.

Asking your neighbour won’t be sufficient as the entire street or your quarter are affected by this outage. Your powerbank may save you from your phone dieing, but lights are still off. You are helplessly struggling to at least cover your basic energy needs and there is no solution other than waiting for the power to come back

Advantages of our System

  • Portable and light weight
  • independent from grid-power
  • charging by sunlight
  • can charge various mobile devices at once
  • offers 4 light bulps
  • alternative to a powerbank
  • enjoy a two week satisfaction guarantee with full refund

Our portable electricity backup BOX1 will comfort you with all the above. Simply connect the solar panel via cable to the Box and place the panel into the sun. The box will charge to full capacity throughout the day and will then serve easily as a backup once you experience an outage.

Please see the data sheet and the introduction video in the Data Section of this page

Alternative use cases

Regardless your activities, this box will deliver you lighting, charging of whatever device you attach with DC input. Even a fan can be operated. May it be on your patio as mentioned, or when roaming remote areas upcountry – you are not running out of electricity. Have your box in your car and it will be your mobile power plant on your travels.

You plan a boat trip or some fishing on the sea? Our box will be your trustworthy companion and keeps you powered up.

You have a lodge and want to save fuel for your generator in times of outages? Equip your rooms or bandas with one box each and no customer will ever again complain about unstable power supply.