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Jimmy C. Twalipo

Co-Founder, CEO

Before Jimmy completed his studies at University of Bangalore/India and obtained his Bachelor of commerce in Accounting in 2015, he graduated at Jain University of Bangalore with a Professional Diploma in Capital Markets and Commodities in 2014. He is not only a dedicated servant for his clients, but also a very knowledgeable advisor in many fields. His deep knowledge about rules, regulations and laws gives him an edge over our competitors as his excellent network provides us and our clients with swift solutions for complex topics.

  • Phone: +255 762 566 665
  • Email: twalipo@gokito.co.tz
  • Website: https://gokito.co.tz/
  • Experience: 10 Years

About Jimmy Twalipo

Jimmy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gokito Co Ltd. In his role he not only observes the overall operations of Gokito, but also provides in depth research, due diligence and feasibility studies on each and every project on the table. You can say that without Jimmy's involvement no task will ever successfully completed. His ability to think ahead, connect all relevant partners sufficiently is unrivaled.

Research and Due Diligence
Networking and Execution
Planning and Strategy

Ali Mohamed Amirali

Managment Consulting, Chief Strategy Officer

Ali brings on board a decade of hands on experience in business planning, strategy, risk management, corporate finance and management consulting. He is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), a certified public accountant (Tanzania), a Masterdegree holder from the University of London in Professional Accountancy, a certified business valuer by the ACCA and a mentor by the Oxford Brookes University.

Ali also holds several certifications in the areas of machine learning, cyber security, crisis management, risk management, business process automation for the finance functions, sustainability (SDGs) and is persuing other certifications in different areas so as to develop an integrated approach towards achieving exceptional value in the areas he works in.

About Ali Mohamed Amirali

Ali is currently the CEO and Principal Consultant at Assure Consulting, a specialized management consulting and assurance firm in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Additionally, Ali holds a position of an Associate Director with D Finitive Risk Management Group where he provides various forms of strategy, assurance and data analytics services to the group.

In addition to the tax and assurance services, Ali’s expertise ranges in the areas of business planning, project/business valuations, specialized audits, risk and internal audits, working capital management and corporate finance.

Strategic Planning & Risk management
Financial advisory & Tax Audit
Sustainability & Value Creation

Thorsten G. Weber

Co-Founder, CFO

Thorsten brings in a wide array of experience obtained throughout a 40 year working experience in different roles. He graduated at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and the Gemmological Institute of America which led him to his extended travels throughout Africa. His professional life is and was dedicated to excellent customer service since a very young age. Thorsten worked his entire life in different roles and positions with focus in customer satisfaction. From hospitality, to luxuy goods, to IT Services and is currently holding a position as support expert for a telecomunication giant in Europe.

About Thorsten G. Weber

Thorsten is the metronome behind Gokito. His workrate is tiring at times for his associates as he constantly develops ideas and strategies. Together with his best friend Jimmy he is determined to make the impossible possible. He sees obstacles before the appear and is looking for solutions for future challenges. Thorsten is not settling before a task is fulfilled. He was the engine-room for the foundation of Gokito back in 2019, with the clear focus to deliver services which make the lives of the people of Tanzania better. Today, after more than three years with Gokito, his and Jimm's determination is still on the highest level.

Corporate Strategy & Research
Technical Development & Product Evolution
Ecological Impact & Sustainability

Dei Gratia Attorneys

Advocate, Commissioner For Oaths & Notary Public

Legal Services with Finesse,
Diligence and Reliability.
This is Dei Gratia Attorneys.
A Corporate Law Firm in Tanzania.

About Dei Gratia Attorneys

We at GOKITO pride ourselves to deliver customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Therefore we are proud to introduce one of Tanzanias most innovative law firms as our go-to consultants and partners. Law services with professionalism, charm and finesse is what DEI GRATIA offers our clients in every aspect of a business transaction. May it be Escrow Services, legal advice, contracts drafts and validations, notarizations - DEI GRATIA ATTORNEYS will provide you with the best services available.

Corporate & Commercial Law
Litigation And Dispute Resolution
Intellectual Property